Transit Schedule

Please see our anticipated transit schedule from the UK to France for the next few months.*

Next Shipment :

Due to events unfolding following the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II, we are postponing the shipment scheduled for the week commencing 12 September. Our carrier will now arrive at Holts the week of 3 October 2022.

  • Holts March Main Sale and Sealed Bid purchases : Cat C weapons.
  • Holts July Main Sale and Sealed Bid purchases : Cat D weapons to St Etienne, Accessories.

* Subject to the availability of the requisite import/export permits, Covid 19 freight travel restrictions, industrial action and extreme weather events, war or other acts of God beyond our control.

If you wish to receive a no obligation quote for your UK, French and European shipping, or you have a question concerning our services please contact us through the link below:

Holts Shipping Status

The information below is meant as a guide only – if you have purchased a lot in any of these sales which has the status of ‘Delivered’, but you have not received it, then please contact us.

A0921 &
D CollectionX
C CarbinesX
C ShotgunsXcustoms cleared
A1221 &
D CollectionXcustoms cleared 10/04/22
C CarbinesXcustoms cleared 11/04/22
C ShotgunsXcustoms cleared 11/04/22
A0322, S0322, IA0322C Shotgunscustoms cleared 8/7/22
C Carbinescustoms cleared 8/7/22
D Collectioncustoms cleared 18/7/22
A0722, S0722, IA0722C ShotgunsAwaiting import permits
C CarbinesAwaiting import permits
D CollectionAwaiting shipment (BE closed Aug for holidays)

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